EB-05 Visa with the purchase of a condo

The EB-05 visa is probably the easiest way for a foreigner to get a Green Card and then later the US Citizenship. There is a $ 500,000 dollar cash investment required which will be refunded after 5 years.

Investors now have the opportunity to apply for an EB-05 by purchasing a Condo. The Purchase price of the Condo plus the $ 500,000 investment in a so-called „Regional Center“ / Government approved building where the condo is located. The $ 500,000 Dollar investment will be refunded after 5 years and will generate a small return. The better the location, the lower the rate of return. For example a project in NY -City vs. a project in the Nevada desert. it is common sense that the NY-City investment has the lower rate of return because of popularity and location. Besides the fact the focus of this program is to obtain the green card / Citizenship after 5 years and not the rate of return. It is simply money parked for 5 years and as a return the investor will receive the green card.

A home purchase in conjunction with an EB-05 visa pays off in an approved project either for self-use or as a rental/ investment condo. It is up to investor to decide if using the condo themselves, renting or selling. For many reasons, it is beneficial to invest in a top location like Miami.

The first step for the EB-05 visa is to choose a condo.

In general a 30% deposit of the purchase price of the condo is required in order to reserve the condo and the spot for the EB-05 Visa. The Visa application needs to be completed within 6 month with the completion of the Visa the $ 500,000 investment for the EB-05 becomes due. Within 15-18 months you will obtain the permit. Should an application be denied, which has not been the case with my clients, you will get back your $ 500,000 investment plus the regional center fee. A refusal is only possible in case of US immigration issues in the past or a criminal background

The investor has the opportunity to rent the condo upon closing , use it themselves or sell it. Another option is to postpone the closing of the condo. In this case the minimum deposit is 30%. The developer rents the condo and all income and expenses are split between the investor and the developer based on the amount of the down payment. If you have the opportunity to make such an investment, this is the easiest and safest way to get a green card and then later the US Citizenship.