MIAMI is the HAPPIEST City to work

Miami is one of the top ranked Cities in the world, Miami is a global hub for business, art, luxury and nightlife. Miami’s growing start up technology scene and all year sunny weather make it the “Happiest City to Work” in the United States, according to Career Bliss. Miami is also the second hottest destination for millennials or those born after 1980, according to Miami attracts all those who want to live, work and play in our vibrant and innovative communities. Miami’s evolution from a tourist destination to a top global city is complete and visible and the numbers prove it.




  • $6,2 Billion

    amount of international home sales in South Florida in 2016

  • #1

    Miami is the top Market for international buyers and is expected to outperform other US markets long time into the future

  • #3

    3rd most FUN City in America (Source: Wallet Hub -2016)

  • 100

    Numbers of languages spoken in Miami

  • 84

    Miles of Atlantic Ocean coastline Miami



Miami is the perfect city to combine work and pleasure. It is up to each individual to decide why Miami is just perfect for you. Do you like to have a career or just want to enjoy the quality of live with a second home. Do you like to enjoy the multicultural feeling, the restaurants the night life or are you rather like to have it quite and relax. Everything is there for you and you know yourself what you like. In addition to the sun, sand and beaches Miami offers sunshine and comfortable temperatures of 75 Degree Fahrenheit all year long. Everything you are looking for is right there and you are the one to decide what you make out of it.

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